Social Media Audit (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) + Coaching


Social Media Audit (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) + Coaching

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Not sure your social media is really working?

Noticed a slump in engagement or audience growth?

Perhaps a new competitor has bounced on to the market and seems to be picking up new followers in droves?

Are you looking for some pointers on how to improve?

Included in these packages are:

  • a visual and performance review* of your chosen number of social media accounts (platforms covered: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram)

  • a visual review one or two of your competitor's social media accounts (please supply)

  • a look at your current audience and help you understand your social media demographic

  • a 60-minute Skype presentation back to you with my recommendations for improvement in order to help you achieve your social media goal

  • one email check-in to assess results four weeks later

*To complete a thorough assessment of your account I will require admin access to your Facebook Page or the passwords to your Instagram/Twitter accounts so that I am able to look at the analytical performance of the accounts.

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