then my bespoke mentoring programme is for you. Everything we do is tailored to you, and your business and we work 1:1 from the very start, always me, never my assistant. 

By working with me 1:1 for six-months not only do you get to pull from my 15 years retail experience and extensive marketing and consumer behaviour knowledge, but you get a dedicated mentor that is going to tell you what you need to do, why you need to do it, when you need it done by. Oh and I'll keep you accountable every step of the way. You also get access to my "Little Black Book" of experts who, if needed, we can draft in to help bring your vision to life, and I'll facilitate the process to ensure its aligned with what you want to achieve and what I believe you need.

What does a six-month mentoring programme entail?

First of all, we start with an introductory call to assess some basics and understand precisely where you are and where you need to be as well as the outline of the programme and we'll get some dates in the diary. The first being a full-day together to kickstart the mentoring programme. 

After our initial Content Marketing Day, you'll have some clear actions to go away and make happen, and I'll be following up on email throughout the month to make sure everything is going to plan and supporting you if not. Going forward we will have a one-hour call every month to keep you on track, brainstorm ideas and for me to be a sounding board for you for the next five months and I will be on the end of an email whenever you need me in-between. Finally, at the end of the six-months, we will wrap up our time, with a half-day together, with clear actions for the forthcoming months so you can continue with your growth but most importantly feel confident enough to achieve your ambitions.

What do we cover?

Firstly we will look at your business as a whole, what do you want for your business and where do you want it to go. Who is your target customer and how do you attract them? We will also look at product, pricing and value. Next up is initial customer touch points, such as social media, website (branding, customer journey, design and copy), and if you have a bricks and mortar store, we will look at your visual merchandising and customer journey in store*.

After that, we will assess retaining your customers and turning window shoppers into VIP shoppers. This includes all of your other marketing channels such as Facebook, mailing lists, influencer marketing, blogging, brand partnerships and anything else that you either currently do, or we believe your dream customer would want from you.

My intention is for you to have a streamlined business, a clear plan of action, a strategy that saves you time and for you to end the six-months with a "Brand Playbook" that you can consult long after we part ways, keeping you focussed, on-brand but most importantly profitable. 

Breakdown of what's included:

  • Welcome Pack, including my "Deep-Dive" questionnaire to get you digging deep about your business and thinking about what you want, as well as my "Define Your Demographic, and Speak to your Target Customer" workbook
  • An Introductory Skype Call to discuss in more depth the issues you are facing
  • x 1 6-hour, in-person Content Marketing Day
  • x 5 60-minute, monthly online calls (Skype/Zoom), recorded and supplied afterwards as well as actions from each call for you to implement the following month
  • x1 3-hour, in-person (or virtual, the choice is yours) "Wrap Up" Session
  • Email support throughout
  • Dedicated Google Drive where we can upload notes, actions, calls etc
  • Access to my "Little Black Book" of vetted experts who we can call on to action* key points
  • Constant cheerleading and support, the one thing all of my clients have said about me, is that I never "leave them", I am always checking in on them and coming up with new ideas and plans.

*additional investment may be required

Your Investment

£2,200 or one payment of £1,200 plus 5 monthly payments of £225 (Save £125 by paying in full).

*Location dependent. 


Who do you work with?

I work exclusively with creators, makers and independent shopkeepers. You can read more about who I work with on my home page.

Who would benefit from the bespoke mentoring programme?

Business owners wanting to scale up, those who are serious about flicking the switch and moving from a kitchen-table hobby to a fully fledged business. You'll need to be prepared to put the hours in to make it happen - I'm here to advise and give you guidance, but I won't be doing it for you. It's worth noting I only work with small businesses where the business owner is the beating heart and is prepared to be the face of the business, none of my services are suitable for those who are looking to scale quickly, raise investment or create a business exit strategy etc., purely because that is not my area of expertise and there are some fantastic business consultants out there that have extensive experience in these areas. I want to help you create a business you love, that also pays the bills.

What will we actually do on each of the calls?

In my experience, every session varies as every client is unique. However, every session is brought back to what we discussed in our Content Marketing Day as to what you want to achieve for your business and during our time together. In that initial day together we will have set a timeline, which will keep us on course for the rest of our sessions.

Each session will start with a catch up as to what you've been up to in the last month, any problems you've encountered and how you have progressed with your actions. We will then check-in as to what you want to cover this session. 

What areas of business and marketing do you cover?

  • Branding and Tone of Voice
  • Social Media, specialising in organic growth with Instagram
  • Web design vs. customer journey
  • Product positioning, offering and pricing
  • How to build know, like, trust with your audience
  • Blogging/Podcasting for business
  • Email marketing and direct marketing
  • Business planning and strategy, incluing time management
  • Influencer/Brand Ambassadors
  • Brand Partnerships

In addition I have experts on hand for support with :

  • Finances/Accounting
  • PR
  • Migration to Shopify or Squarespace 
  • Web Design and Branding
  • Virtual Assistants 
  • Photography
  • Wholesaling, Retail Merchandising and Stock Control

Do you have terms of business?

Yes, your investment is protected by a legal contract of which I ask you to read before making your first payment. 

Ok, I'm sold! When can we get to work?

Hopefully, really soon, the best thing to do is to get in touch and we can go from there. Usually I book up a good few weeks ahead of time, often as many as 12-weeks and I only take on ten mentee's per annum - so if you're serious in making a shift in your business and marketing with intention, then the sooner you get in contact, the sooner we can start making those changes.