Intensive Instagram Day

Instead of spreading it over several weeks, let's spend the whole day together and give your Instagram Marketing a kickstart.  

Whether you are brand spanking new to Instagram and haven't got a clue what a hashtag is, or have 50,000 followers, but they aren't your customers, a day spent with me is a day a well spent because I teach marketing strategies, not specifics.

We will, of course, niche it to Instagram, but if Instagram was gone tomorrow or there was a massive overhaul of the platform; what you have learned is a marketing strategy and how to build that all-important Know, Like, Trust, which is the secret to any successful business. 

You can learn more about Know, Like, Trust and my marketing methodologies in this podcast interview.

On booking, I will send you my Client Questionnaire and Welcome Pack, which includes the Define Your Demographic and Speak to Your Customer Workbook. The Client Questionnaire is essential in helping me to formulate the outline of our day and work out what is important to you and what is critical to the growth and success of your account. Maybe you're struggling with photography, perhaps its editing skills or copywriting, or perhaps you need me to help you find your voice and speak to your customer? Whatever your issues, I'm here to help.

The beauty of a one-day intensive is that you have my undivided attention, it's just you and me; there's no pressure of rushing through what we can in 60 minutes over Skype. There are no "silly questions fear" in a  group environment, and it's bespoke to you and your business - so everything is relevant! There's also no powerpoint, no jargon and no feeling like a "dinosaur". We work at your pace but I will be pushing us along because I want you to maximise your investment. 

“I am a complete cynic when it comes to social media and a total self-confessed techno-phobe. So the thought of spending 5 hours being coached on the benefits of Instagram made me shudder….and then the lovely Sam walked in! She was so personable, humorous and I have to admit fascinating.

Not only did she teach me the technical side of Instagram, but also the etiquette, the do’s and definite don’ts, how to create interest and get involved in the community. She even showed me how to take excellent photos on my phone. In two weeks not only have my likes and followers soared (not a necessity but it’s kinda cool) but I have generated real business. People who I would not really have come into contact with are now registering with me as clients. Happy Days!

I am no longer afraid of social media, I am certainly much more confident and would actually go as far as to say I am enjoying it. All thanks to Sam”
— Lisa B, Business Owner

I host my Intensive Days in a fabulous creative space in St Margaret's, West London, it also has really good coffee and cakes (or creative fuel as I like to call it), although I can travel depending on your location and my schedule - we can discuss in our discovery call. 

Intensive Days aren't for everyone as every business is unique, and I will be completely honest with you and tell you if you need a half-day, full-day or if I think you're not quite there yet or even if you would be better suited to something else like hourly coaching. I am not here to sell you something you don't need, I want to help you.

Social Media is a marketing pillar; it cannot fix fundamental business issues, this is why it is vital that we have a chat before you book; I need to ensure that your business values align with my methodologies. Otherwise, it's a wasted day for you and me, and nobody wants that. 

You will go away from our time together with your head buzzing with ideas and a plan of what you need to do as well as feel confident, motivated and excited, not scared, mystified or disheartened. For the four weeks following our day together, you will have unlimited email support from me - no question is too trivial. I will be monitoring you closely; I don't wash my hands of my clients so expect me to be following you, engaging with you and even monitoring your performance on my analytic software. If I feel you are drifting off course, I will jump in and tell you, and if I think you're doing fab, then I'll let you know. I have your back, and I am your biggest cheerleader. 

After the initial four-weeks, some clients decide to go on to a maintenance programme and buy some coaching minutes to use as and when needed over Skype. These can be a great way of having a sounding board; thinking of working with an influencer? Get my unbiased opinion, launching a new product line and not sure how to introduce it to your audience, I can help with that because I already understand your business so can easily advise over Skype.

Ready to chat about how this could work for your business and see your efforts on Instagram no longer feel like wasted time? Then contact me now to schedule a time for a discovery call. 

  • Half Day - 4 hours including a 20-minute comfort break - £600

  • Full Day - 7 hours including a 60-minute working lunch break - £900