Antonia Taylor PR

Antonia Taylor PR


Annabel Bird, Business Owner

Service: Instagram Coaching

"I own an online store called Bleak House. I have been on Instagram for a while and was finding it fairly easy to grow my account but was finding it very hard to make sales through the platform. I have done a few other Instagram courses, and although they helped me improve my Instagram gallery and my photography and help me engage and connect with people, they did nothing to help me convert followers to customers. As soon as I started working with Sam, I saw a tangible increase in the number of sales I made directly through Instagram. Sam’s knowledge of retail and selling is a great asset, and her ability to personalise her advice to your specific needs is invaluable. She is 100% focused on sales and profit and for a shop owner like me she's a breath of fresh air. I still work with her on an ad hoc basis as she keeps abreast of all the new developments in building a brand and selling through Instagram."

Antonia Taylor, Business Owner

Service: Attended "How to Build Your Brand on Instagram" Group Workshop

"I decided to attend the lovely Hero workshop as a bit of an investment. I intended to sharpen my game, get more strategic and creative and connect with other 'Grammers. As a bit of a Social Mouth and Small & Mighty Podcast fan, I had a fair idea of Sam’s approach and expertise when it comes to helping creative businesses up-level their Instagram.  
What I didn’t expect from the day was the big picture brand strategy Sam brought to life – and how Instagram plays into our identity, client offers, and online audiences. Sam is high energy, open, approachable; it was like hanging out with a very smart, very helpful, expert friend who is as passionate about your business as you are. So, basically, like gold dust.  Thank you, Sam.  It’s not a coincidence that, in less than a week, my Instagram output, engagement, and following has been turbo-charged. If you’re looking at building your brand through Instagram, I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend over Sam."

Natasha Nanner, Communications Manager

Service: Hired Sam to deliver a talk on Instagram

"Sam was a pleasure to have with us at Broadgate for our very first Instagram masterclass. We wanted to introduce this exciting social media subject to our audience as part of our new tech-inspired workshops and Sam was the ideal person to do this, as she gave attendees a real insight into the basics of Instagram and how to start building a presence online. Even for the more social-savvy attendees, there were tips and tricks for getting the right photo for your feed or using the best hashtags - we all learnt something new and thoroughly enjoyed Sam's clear and honest way of presenting! Everyone was engaged and left feeling invigorated about using Instagram to grow their following. Thanks Sam!"


Beth Park, Communications & Production Assistant

Service: Hired Sam to deliver a talk on Instagram

"We hired Sam to run an Instagram masterclass and we were so pleased with how it went. Her public speaking skills are excellent and she offered the audience some really useful tips in a way that was both interesting and accessible. 

Sam’s expertise and approachability are reflected in the positive feedback from our audience members following the workshop. She really knows her stuff and has been a joy to work with." 


Lisa Bradshaw, Business Owner

Service: Instagram Intensive Strategy Day

"I am a complete cynic when it comes to social media and a total self-confessed techno-phobe. So the thought of spending 5 hours being coached on the benefits of Instagram made me shudder….and then the lovely Sam walked in! She was so personable, humorous and I have to admit fascinating. 
Not only did she teach me the technical side of Instagram, but also the etiquette, the do’s and definite don’ts, how to create interest and get involved in the community. She even showed me how to take excellent photos on my phone. In two weeks not only have my likes and followers soared (not a necessity but it’s kinda cool) but I have generated real business. People who I would not really have come into contact with are now registering with me as clients. Happy Days!
I am no longer afraid of social media, I am certainly much more confident and would actually go as far as to say I am enjoying it. All thanks to Sam"

Donna Pourteymour, Business Owner

Service: Instagram Intensive Strategy Day

"Sam exceeded all my expectations in a massive way!  I wanted just a few technical tips on how to use Instagram but Sam’s knowledge is vast and her advice was hugely useful.  I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know but I also didn’t realise also how much could be learned and changed so quickly! 
She’s the real deal in the Instagram world if you don’t know where to start or just think you might need some more help, or if you really want to understand it from a strategic view, Sam is your guru!"
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Camille Casteran, Creative Director

Service: Outsourced Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for four months.

"Although we've only started working with Sam recently {July 2016} it has been great so far! We have found the whole process very easy and her communication with us has been excellent. It did not take long before we started seeing the results on our social media channel as the level of interaction significantly increased right away. We really feel Sam understands our brand and audiences, the content she produces for us is always very relevant and on brand. Sam's knowledge and understanding of the industry clearly seems undeniable.

Stavros Konstantinou, Business Owner

Service: Social Media Audit

"Sam is very thorough and leaves no stone unturned, the brief was fulfilled over and above our expectations within the time frame allocated with regular updates on progress. Sam has extensive knowledge of social media , she is quick to respond to questions."