A Love Letter to My Business

Happy Valentine's Day dear Social Mouth, tomorrow we will celebrate two beautiful years together but let's be frank; it's not always been plain sailing.

We started our romance after a few too many drinks on New Year's Eve in a whirlwind of excitement and passion. The early days, before I ended my last job, we were spending every spare minute together - secret plans in the back of notebooks and whispered calls in the corridor. The heady excitement of new love; I remember my tummy churning from the butterflies as I lay awake wondering if this was for real. Within just a few short weeks we had decided to make it official, and at times I wonder if we incorporated to quick, but we've made it to our second anniversary, and that is a testament as to how hard we've worked every day.

I want to say off that bat, how much I love you. I've loved you from the get-go. I didn't think I believed in love at first sight, but when I sat down on the 15th February 2016 and made "us" official; I just knew, deep in my heart that this wasn't just a fling.

Our first day alone in the office and even our first six-months were hard; you challenged me in ways I didn't think I could handle. There were fights, and there were tears and even a few tantrums. At times you spoke to me in your native language, which made no sense to me and I started to feel like I could never make you happy.  The honeymoon period was over, and I felt unfulfilled. You knew this too,  we had to make changes to our relationship - and fast - before the flame fizzled out. I am ashamed to admit it, but at around nine months in, I almost left. I couldn't handle your demands, it felt like we'd gotten too serious too quickly and I was fantasising about when I had evenings and weekends off, when I went on holiday, and someone looked after my inbox for me - I even started to think about a steady paycheque. It was only ever a fleeting fantasy; I never seriously considered it, I promise.

I hope I've got better at meeting your needs this past year; I got us a decent accountant, and I even reconcile monthly now. I keep Companies House and HMRC happy by filing everything ahead of deadlines, and I try to make sure we have plenty of money in the bank so we can buy the things we need to keep us going and give us both a break when we need it. I even sorted out a passive income stream and changed my invoicing process. All things I knew you needed, as your happiness is my priority.

On this Valentine's Day, 2018 and the eve of our 2nd anniversary I want you to know, that every single day I am grateful for the opportunities you have given me, the doors you have opened, the way you have challenged me and shaped me as a person and as a businesswoman. Every day I am one step closer to being the entrepreneur I dreamed of being, and that's because of you. 

I am so proud to call you my business, and I your founder. 

with love, always,

Sam x