Samantha Burgess Social Mouth

Hi, I'm Sam

(and that little munchkin is Monty)

I'm the one-woman-band (for now) behind Social Mouth.

After 15 years working in the retail industry, (from the independent to the Global brand), including time spent managing the social accounts for a Global retailer, I decided to go it alone and start my consultancy, offering the kind of advice usually only available to the big brands (with the big budgets) to the small business owner. 

I’m a Social Media Consultant and Coach serving businesses all over the world from my home office in the Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames, London. Most day’s you’ll find me at my desk surrounded by coffee cups listening to French Pop Radio on iTunes.

My primary focus as a consultant is to help you, as a small business owner, FIND YOUR VOICE on social media and not feel scared or mystified by it.

Ten years ago I was made redundant after the independent retailer I had worked for went into administration. I believe that if social media had been around then in the same way it is today, that shop would still be going, social media after all, is a completely free marketing tool!  I cheerlead small and mighty businesses and host a weekly podcast celebrating and supporting the small business owner and creative entrepreneur. 

Social Media is the primary source of how my clients find me, so I know first hand how important social media is to your business and how you can use these FREE marketing platforms to your benefit.

I love nothing more than seeing the success after my clients have started a coaching programme or completed an e-course, it makes me so happy to see the work I've created helping others. Watching start-up seedlings become small and mighty “micro-brands” is what I get out of bed for.

In my free-time, (if you can tear me away from Instagram) you’ll find me walking my miniature dachshund Monty while strolling the streets of London photographing doors (I have a real weakness for a beautiful front door). 

If you're in the Richmond-Upon-Thames area and fancy meeting for a (dog-friendly) coffee (alternatively there's always a Skype coffee-date) and discussing how we can make social media work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in contact.