Shrink months of learning and planning into just one single day with a comprehensive kick-start and overhaul of your current content marketing efforts.

A Content Marketing Strategy Day is much more than just a "How to use Instagram Day". Yes, Instagram is the platform I know inside-out and back-to-front, but that's because I don't know a single business that can't benefit from it. I am sure there are exceptions but if you're in retail - you need to be on the  'gram, but my retail, sales and marketing background means I know a lot about other channels too. 

You can expect a lot of Instagram chat during our day together, but if Instagram was gone tomorrow; what you will have learned is a marketing strategy and how to build that all-important Know, Like, Trust, which is the secret to any successful business. 

(You can learn more about Know, Like, Trust and my marketing methodologies in this podcast episode.)

Together, we will look at all the content you are currently creating, as well as brainstorm the content you could be creating, this includes but is not limited to Instagram and other social channels, blogging for business, mailing lists, podcasting and much more. I will also share with you processes and strategies to help you save time. Marketing is super important to your business but you also need to be in your business making it happen, and I get that.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy my 1:1 day with Sam - I left with a very clear picture of how I should manage my social media to progress my business. Her knowledge and understanding are excellent and she gives very clear feedback and support. This support is on-going after the session in many different guises and I have found this to be invaluable.
— Sarah Blythman, Business Owner

Who is the ideal client for 1:1 Day?

Firstly, it's important to note that I only work with product based retail businesses e.g. creators, makers and independent shopkeepers. At this time I do not work 1:1 with other service professionals.

Secondly, you need to be a go-getter, you need to want to learn and put what you've learnt into practice. You also need to be comfortable being the face of your business, I don't "do" for you, but I give you all the support and all the tools you need to do it yourself and do it well. You can read more about who I work with and how I work, here.

I only work with 20 clients per year, and spaces are booked up well in advance. From our initial call, you will be looking at around eight - twelve weeks before we sit down, face-to-face and make the marketing magic happen.

1:1 days aren't for everyone as every business is unique, and I will be completely honest with you and tell you if I think this is right for you, or if I think you're not quite there yet or maybe even if you would be better suited to something else like hourly coaching. I am not here to sell you something you don't need; I want to help you.

What is crucial for you to know, is that Content Marketing is a business pillar; it cannot fix fundamental business issues, this is why it is vital that we have a chat before you book; I need to ensure that your business values align with my methodologies. Otherwise, it's a wasted day for you and me, and nobody wants that. 

As soon as I started working with Sam, I saw a tangible increase in the number of sales I made directly through Instagram. Sam’s knowledge of retail and selling is a great asset, and her ability to personalise her advice to your specific needs is invaluable. She is 100% focused on sales and profit and for a shop owner like me she’s a breath of fresh air.
— Annabel Bird, Business Owner

What will we do?


On booking, I will send you my Client Deep Dive Questionnaire, and Welcome Pack, which includes the Define Your Demographic and Speak to Your Customer Workbook. The Client Deep Dive is essential in helping me to formulate the outline of our day and work out what is important to you and what is critical to the growth and success of your business. 

The Big Day

Currently, I host my strategy days at the gorgeous 4* Petersham Hotel in Richmond-Upon-Thames (subject to availability).  On the day I will come with a plan of action, as well as some key ideas, based on your questionnaire. To start, we will have a look at where you are at currently  - such as your website, your Google Analytics, your social media etc. and I will give my unbiased and candid opinion. We will look at the customer journey through your site as well as the navigation and ease of use and work our way through all the other content offerings including your social channels. 

Once we have assessed where you are currently and we've taken some screenshots so we can reflect on how far you have come, we will move on to brainstorming how to move your marketing forward and get you the results you deserve. Throughout the day there will be endless refreshments to keep us going and lots and lots of bouncing around ideas. We'll then consolidate the day into some key action points for you to go away with, including my spreadsheet of 101 Instagram Caption prompts, a 90-day Strategy Planner and my Product Positioning worksheet as well as your head buzzing with ideas, and feeling confident, motivated and excited, not scared, mystified or disheartened.

The beauty of a one-day session is that you have my undivided attention, it's just you and me; there's no pressure of rushing through what we can in 60-minutes over Skype. There are no "silly questions fear" in a  group environment, and it's entirely bespoke to you and your business - so everything is relevant! There's also no Powerpoint, no jargon and no feeling like a "dinosaur". We work at your pace, but I will be pushing us along because I want you to maximise your investment. 


For the four weeks following our day together, you will have unlimited email support from me - no question is too trivial. I will be monitoring you closely; I don't wash my hands of my clients so expect me to be following you on Instagram, signing up to your mailing list and reading your blog. If I feel you are drifting off course, I will jump in and tell you, and if I think you're doing fab, then I'll let you know. I have your back, and I am your biggest cheerleader, it may sound cheesy, but your success, is my success. 

Sam really took a lot of time to get under the skin of my business and really think in a strategic way for my brand on Instagram. Her in-depth knowledge of the app, along with really practical ways to communicate with my audience was great. In fact, I hadn’t even considered who my audience was until we met up, I was just posting in a rather hopeless way with no real idea about what I was trying to achieve other than more followers which aren’t the holy grail!! The penny dropped countless times in our session and what’s great it that Sam’s strategy will carry through to many other elements of our marketing. Another wonderful bonus was her knowledge of the beauty business which was really useful for me. The 1:1 day was worth every penny!
— Eloise Hall, Business Owner

Let's have a chat and see if a Content Marketing Strategy Day would benefit your business.

A 6-hour Content Marketing Day runs from 10am - 4pm  (including a 60-minute lunch break) and costs a flat fee of £950*

* Prices reflect hosting the day in the borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames only, I can travel depending on your location and my schedule however, other locations will be subject to additional fees.