12-Week Instagram for Success Programme

A personalised programme combining the kickstart package, coaching and outsourcing. 

This is perfect for the business owner who wants to learn how to manage their Instagram themselves but wants some hands-on help as well.

Similar to the Kick-Start package, I will review your Instagram (if you have one) and that of your competitors. I will then devise a plan to help elevate your brand presence and set up an Instagram account for you (if you don't already have one).  

For 8-weeks you will hand over the reigns to me, and I will manage the account for you, (depending on your product, it may be required that you send me a selection so that I can photograph them for your Instagram feed), posting once a day, engaging, replying to comments and actively sourcing new followers (and hopefully customers) for your business.

From weeks 9 - 12 we will work together. We will collaborate to create the content and you will post it and engage with your followers, all the while I will be there on-hand to guide and support you, help you find your flow and work your social media marketing into your day.

This programme is a minimum of 12-weeks as it takes on average three months to start to see results from your social media marketing.

Sam exceeded all my expectations in a massive way! I wanted just a few technical tips on how to use Instagram but Sam’s knowledge is vast and her advice was hugely useful. I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know but I also didn’t realise also how much could be learned and changed so quickly!
She’s the real deal in the Instagram world if you don’t know where to start or just think you might need some more help, or if you really want to understand it from a strategic view, Sam is your guru!
— Donna Pourteymour, Cobham Pilates

Currently booking for October 2017 onwards