The voice of many small creative businesses and independent retailers is being lost amongst the noise. There's belief that he who shouts the loudest (or has the most followers) gets the customer; this is just not true.

I mentor small and mighty retail businesses to stop copying the marketing activity of the corporates (on a fraction of their budgets) and instead, learn how to find their authentic, unique voice and whisper directly into their target customers ear, through a highly effective content marketing and social media strategy.

This is the era of small brands, with big stories to tell.

Who I Work With

Creative, pioneering and forward-thinking small product based businesses, this includes creators, makers and independent shopkeepers

Businesses where the founder is the beating heart of their business, both behind the scenes and, (prepared to be) quite literally, in front of the camera

Passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic business owners who want to be brilliant at content marketing and social media

Brands that are floundering in the social media sea or haven't yet dipped a toe in

Indies who are confident in their business model and branding but need direction and support marketing themselves


How I Work

Creative and strategic thinking, planning and do-ing, I teach a content marketing strategy, not specifics! Although we will anchor this to Instagram, we will also talk about other social media platforms, your website, mailing list, blog, podcast or any other content marketing that is right for your brand. I want you to feel safe knowing that if Instagram disappeared tomorrow, you've been taught a marketing strategy that can be applied to any other area of marketing you choose, I provide the bricks so that you can build whatever you choose.

No Fluff. You're a business, you want to make money, I 100% get that, and that's why I'm going to teach you to build a community that converts. I'm going to show you how to sell, without obviously selling. Buh-bye product images and boring captions telling people to "buy now!" or maybe you've been doing the total opposite and are so scared of selling that your audience doesn't even realise you have something for sale. (I've seen it all.) This is a no-fluff zone; we're going to talk about the hard stuff and the whole reason you started a business in the first place.

Putting you in the driving seat and coaching you on how to win the race, no shortcuts, and no cheating. I do not drive the car for you, but I make you feel like a World Class Racing Champion. (Definition: I don't manage social media accounts and I don't have any secret cheat or hacks to get you lots of followers.)

Constant cheerleading, enthusiasm, and passion for your business. I take my role as your coach very seriously, and I only work with clients that I can get behind and clients that are equally as enthusiastic about learning. Your success is my success.

Bespoke. Always. Every business is as unique as its owner. Which is why, I promise I will never rock up to our1:1 day with a Powerpoint presentation. Yawn. We left those behind in the corporate world. 

Me. You paid for me to help you; you get me. Not my assistant, not my associate. Always me, every time and that's a promise.

As soon as I started working with Sam, I saw a tangible increase in the number of sales I made directly through Instagram. Sam’s knowledge of retail and selling is a great asset and her ability to personalise her advice to your specific needs is invaluable. She is 100% focused on sales, and for a shop owner like me, she’s a breath of fresh air.
— Annabel Bird, Bleak House

Ready to join the Social Mouth Squad?

Social Mouth is currently, just me, which means although I want to help every small business that comes my way, sadly I just can't - there just aren't enough hours in the day! Take a look at the different ways you can work with me and get in touch to arrange a time for us to have a really good chat about your business and where you're at marketing wise. I will be 100% honest as to whether I can help you and will advise you as to what is right for you. Sometimes, I may have to refer you off to someone else as perhaps I can't help with what you need or you're just not ready and possibly need to sort out your website, branding or product offering first.  I'm not interested in selling you something you don't need; I genuinely believe that your success is my success and I want you to recommend me to all your business buddies and if I try to sell you something you don't need - that's hardly going to happen!

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If you're ever wondering where to find me, I am probably here. Everyday I share tips and advice as well as the behind the scenes of my business, come and follow along @socialmouthsam. I love to connect with new businesses so please do use the hashtag #smallandmightybusiness on your next post to join the thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs.